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  1. Reflexiones sobre la evaluaci?n de los sistemas de recuperaci?n de informaci?n : necesidad, utilidad y viabilidad
  2. Webometrische Analysen mit Hilfe der Google Web APIs
  3. An?lisi del cercador m?ltiple Copernic 2001 Pro = An?lisis del buscador m?ltiple Copernic 2001 Pro
  4. METALIS, an OAI Service Provider
  5. The Internet as an information conduit in developing countries: an investigation of World Wide Web usability among small and medium textile enterprises in Botswana
  6. To Google or not to Google?
  7. Finding Nutrition Information on the Web: Coverage vs. Authority
  8. Repeat Visits to Implications for Successive Web Searching
  9. Dual-Task Performance as a Measure of Mental Effort in Searching a Library System and the Web
  10. Cross Validation Of Neural Network Applications For Automatic New Topic Identification
  11. Searching the intranet: Corporate users and their queries
  12. Googilum academic gaveshana librarikalum
  13. Metadata and the Web
  14. Search Engines and Resource Discovery on the Web: Is Dublin Core an Impact Factor?
  15. Come rendere visibile il proprio sito con i motori di ricerca: uno studio per la Firenze University Press. Maggio 2003
  16. Web usage mining : analisi del comportamento di navigazione e classificazione degli utenti : applicazione al sito della Biblioteca di Ateneo
  17. Foundations of computer science : lecture notes
  18. Google Web APIs ? an Instrument for Webometric Analyses?
  19. Integration von Web-Verzeichnissen in algorithmische Suchmaschinen
  20. T?rkiye'de Akademik T?p K?t?phanelerinde Kullan?lan Elektronik Kaynaklar?n Analizi
  21. A user-centred portal for search and retrieval of open-access Italian scholarly literature: the PLEIADI project
  22. Google Web APIs : an instrument for Webometric Analyses?
  23. Google Scholar - How deep does this search engine dig?
  24. Horizontes de la integraci?n de contenidos para la EAD a partir de la normalizaci?n en las tecnolog?as de integraci?n de referencias bibliogr?ficas
  25. The Freshness of Web search engines? databases
  26. Web searching, search engines and Information Retrieval
  27. Blogging as a tool : innovative approaches to information access
  28. Metab?squeda : Integrando colecciones y mejorando la difusi?n
  29. Jak przetrwa? w "wieku informacji"?
  30. ?ber Google Scholar
  31. METALIS : a federated-search tool to aggregate Data Providers in LIS field
  32. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE): an End-user Oriented Institutional Repository Search Service
  33. Exploring the academic invisible web
  34. What is the invisible web? A crawler perspective
  35. Exploring the Academic Invisible Web
  36. Aktualit?t als erfolgskritischer Faktor bei Suchmaschinen [Up-to-dateness as a ranking factor in Web search engines]
  37. Three options for citation tracking: Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science
  38. Abdeckung und Aktualita?t des Suchdienstes Google Scholar (Coverage and up-to-dateness of the Google Scholar index)
  39. Volltextserver f?r wissenschaftliche Dokumente aus der Psychologie: PsyDok
  40. Overcoming the obstacles of harvesting and searching digital repositories from federated searching toolkits, and embedding them in VLEs
  41. Suchmaschinen-Marketing : Methoden, um in Suchmaschinen gefunden zu werden
  42. Introducing Terminology-based Ontologies. Papers and Materials presented by the authors at the workshop "Introducing Terminology-based Ontologies" (Poli/Schmitz-Esser/Sigel) at the 9th International Conference of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO), Vienna, Austria, July 6th, 2006
  43. La Biblioteca Digital de la UPV: PoliformaT y PoliBuscador; una apuesta por la integraci?n
  44. Engineering a search engine (WebLib) and browser (Knowledge Navigator) for digital libraries : global knowledge discovery tools exclusively for librarians and libraries on the Web
  45. Developing as new search engine and browser for libraries to search and organize the World Wide Web library resources
  46. ??? ???????? ?????????? : ? ???????, ? ????? ??? ? ?????? ???? ???????????
  47. Federated Search in an Age of Web Services
  48. Nitya Archives : Innovative blending of techniques for Selective Access to Information from Digitally Organized Text (SAIDOT)
  49. Agentes inteligentes en la b?squeda y recuperaci?n de informaci?n
  50. Nuevas herramientas para las bibliotecas digitales
  51. Implementation and Evaluation of a Quality Based Search Engine
  52. Different Indexing Strategies for Multilingual Web Retrieval: Experiments with the EuroGOV Corpus
  53. Evaluation of a Language Identification System for Mono- and Multi-lingual Text Documents
  54. The Effect of Named Entities on Effectiveness in Cross-Language Information Retrieval Evaluation
  55. Learning Similarity Functions in Information Retrieval
  56. Link Analysis and Site Structure in Information Retrieval
  57. Shifts in Search Engine Development: A Review of Past, Present and Future Trends in Research on Search Engines
  58. OAI, Google Scholar and Wikipedia are the answers, but what is the question?
  59. Google Scholar ? wie tief gr?bt diese Suchmaschine? (How deep does Google Scholar dig?)
  60. JavaScript tools for online information retrieval
  61. Constructing experimental indicators for Open Access documents
  62. Finding finding Aids on the World Wide Web
  63. Rezension von Dirk Lewandowski, Web Information Retrieval: Technologien zur Informationssuche im Internet. Frankfurt am Main: DGI, 2005. 248 S. (DGI-Schrift; Informationswissenschaft 7), ISBN 3-925474-55-2
  64. A policy context : eLib and the emergence of the subject gateways
  65. Comparative study of metasearch engines performance in retrieving Library and information Science documents on the web
  66. Rendimiento de 8 sistemas de recuperaci?n de la informaci?n del espacio Web espa?ol
  67. Nuevas herramientas para las bibliotecas digitales
  68. iMente, servicios de informaci?n de actualidad en l?nea
  69. Els models matem?tics de Recuperaci? de la Informaci? i la seva implementaci? en motors de cerca de prop?sit general
  70. El negocio de buscar en internet. An?lisis del mercado de los buscadores en 2003 / The internet searching business. Market analysis of search engines in 2003
  71. Formal Definitions of Web Information Search
  72. Information Searching Tactics of Web Searchers
  73. Investigating the Performance of Automatic New Topic Identification Across Multiple Datasets
  74. Visualizing Meta Search Results: Evaluating the MetaCrystal Toolset
  75. Indirect estimation of quality in academic and R&D websites using indexes of the effort needed to build, organise and maintain the webpages
  76. Tracing agents and other automatic sampling procedures for the World Wide Web
  77. Bibliotecas, repositorios y otras bases de datos Web
  78. Web acad?mica y cibermetr?a : la brecha digital
  79. Indicador de diversidad. Aplicaciones ciberm?tricas
  80. Un experimento de creaci?n de biblioteca digital con Greenstone
  81. Evaluaci?n del rendimiento de los motores de b?squeda en la recuperaci?n de informaci?n en la WWW
  82. Functionality and flexibility of traditional classification schemes applied to a Content Management System (CMS): facets, DDC, JITA
  83. Information Systems in Malayalam
  84. Altavista renueva su dise?o para competir con Google
  85. Gesti?n de contenidos en PoliBuscador, el portal de acceso a la Biblioteca Digital de la Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
  86. La Web sem?ntica
  87. Allgemeiner Bibliothekszugang und Varianten der Suchtypologie - Konsequenzen f?r die Modellbildung in vascoda. (General library access and search typology variants - consequences for the modelling in vascoda)
  88. Zjawisko Ukrytego Internetu ? rola bibliotek w upowszechnianiu jego zasob?w
  89. Google Book Search and the University of Michigan
  90. Study the effectivness of Metadata elements on web page visibility in public search engines
  91. Internet shodhayanthragaleshtu paradharshaka?
  92. Exploring the academic invisible web
  93. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE): an end-user oriented institutional repository search service
  94. Building Bridges with Blocks: Assisting digital library and Virtual Learning Environment integration through reusable middleware
  95. Creating a Custom Search Engine... Or, how I made my own database with Google Co-op and how you can too!
  96. Modelagem conceitual: a constru??o de uma ontologia sobre Avalia??o do Ciclo de Vida (ACV) para fomentar a dissemina??o de seus conceitos
  97. Information Retrieval Effectiveness of Turkish Search Engines
  98. T?rk?e Arama Motorlar?nda Performans De?erlendirme