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  1. A glance to Iranian librarianship blogs: a survey using webometrics method
  2. A Goal-based Classification of Web Information Tasks
  3. A Hybrid Approach to Faceted Classification Based on Analysis of Descriptor Suffixes
  4. A preliminary approach to citation phenomena in the world wide web
  5. Analyzing Organizational Schemes of Information Resources in Library Websites by User Education Approaches
  6. Blogging as a tool : innovative approaches to information access
  7. Blogs as a Means of Preservation Selection for the World Wide Web
  8. Cybermetrics of the Indian Universities
  9. Designing Webliographies in an effective and simple manner: a step by step process
  10. Developing Internet S&T Indicators for Science Policy and Decision-Making
  11. Development of Lifelong learning through libraries- use of the web pages as a marketing channel in University Libraries of Sri Lanka
  12. Evaluating Information Resources: Bilgi Kaynaklar?n?n De?erlendirilmesi
  13. Finding Nutrition Information on the Web: Coverage vs. Authority
  14. Functionality and flexibility of traditional classification schemes applied to a Content Management System (CMS): facets, DDC, JITA
  15. GovStat Statistical Interactive Glossary: Two studies of effectiveness and control
  16. Indirect estimation of quality in academic and R&D websites using indexes of the effort needed to build, organise and maintain the webpages
  17. Information and Communication Technology : As industry and as constituent in other spheres of development in Kerala
  18. Information interoperability evaluation model for public web sites
  19. Information Searching Tactics of Web Searchers
  20. Intranet Users? Information-Seeking Behaviour: An Analysis of Longitudinal Search Log Data
  21. Investigating the Performance of Automatic New Topic Identification Across Multiple Datasets
  22. Metadata and the Web
  23. Model for interoperability evaluation in e-government services
  24. New tendencies in health and medical websites = Nuevas tendencias en los sitios web de salud y medicina
  25. Patterns of Reading and Organizing Information in Document Triage
  26. Reference Librarians use Electronic Sources Six Times More than Print Sources to Answer Patrons? Questions
  27. RSS Ideas for Educators - Version 1.1
  28. Search Engines and Resource Discovery on the Web: Is Dublin Core an Impact Factor?
  29. Study in India Website at INFLIBNET using BASISplus/TECHLIBplus and BASISwebserver : a proposal
  30. Taxonom?as para la categorizaci?n y la organizaci?n de la informaci?n en sitios web = Taxonomies for categorisation and organisation in Web sites
  31. Text retrieval software for the Web = Bases de datos documentales en el web: an?lisis del software para su publicaci?n
  32. Towards a Model of Information Scatter: Implications for Search and Design
  33. Web Presence and Impact Factors for Middle-Eastern Countries
  34. What Can Searching Behavior Tell Us About the Difficulty of Information Tasks? A Study of Web Navigation
  35. Why I?m a Big Fan of Personal Information Pages (PIPs)? Or How I Can Go from Computer to Computer and Keep it All Customized
  36. World Universities' ranking on the Web